Thursday, September 16, 2010

My post for TheBugBytes Blog -- I am stepping outside of the usual designing box today. I have seen the incredible projects that the posters have been putting up lately and felt incredibly humbled by their talent!! I've been in some sort of creative slump recently and did not feel as though I would be able to put up something worthy of TheBugBytes Blog! I don't have the Robots cart, so I knew I was going to have to do something different anyway. So, when my daughter brought home her "About Me" project from Preschool on Monday I thought that I would use it to show another way to use our Gs.

The assignment was to take this doll blank and create a doll that represents her.

The doll blank looks like it was cut from a piece of construction paper 12X18. I used the Every Day Paper Dolls cart for her parts.

Hair - page 73 -- 6" wide

Glasses - page 41 -- 5.75" wide

Shoes - page 49 -- 8.18" wide

Dress - page 67 -- 10.5" height

Here we are picking out what parts she wants for her doll.

The parts cut out -

Cora coloring her dress and drawing her face -

Cora and her finished her doll - She was so proud!!

The brown spot on the face is supposed to be her nose. :)

So, here is Cora with her finished "All About Me" doll. :) I love that I was able to use my Cricut and G to help her complete her very first school project. I see many more in our future! :)

Just another idea for using our Gs. I know a lot of people wonder how to use the Photo App. I just wanted to throw out this idea. This is how I use the Photo App.

When I see a card, layout, project or any other craft item online that I want to recreate, I right click on the image and save it to a file on my computer called "ideas". I rename the item using the following code -

cards are saved as "crd_1", "crd_2", "crd_3", etc.

layouts are saved as "lo_1", lo_2", lo_3", etc.

projects are saved as "pro_1", etc.

If there are more than one pic for a certain project/layout/card I save them with the number and a letter -- "pro_4a", "pro_4b" and so on.

You can see below how I save them. All of the cards, layouts and projects are together in my saved images.

There it is - my input for today. :) I hope everyone is able to get something from my post! I am very proud of my Photo App system. I love how easy it is to find my pics since we can't save to folders - that would definitely be the way to go.

Thanks for popping by today! Please let me know your thoughts! I'm going to be posting some recent cards that I made soon. I need the inspiration of sharing to get my behind crafting again!


  1. I love the "All About Me" doll!!!! How fun that would be to do with my grand daughter. Cora did a wonderful job, looks just like her! Perfect!

  2. Thanks, Shari! It was so fun to put together! Absolutely do one with your granddaughter! I love the little conversations that go along with projects. Cora wanted to put panties on her doll because she wears them. but then she noticed that her doll didn't have a hiney so she didn't need to wear panties. Then she wanted to make a hiney for her. Luckily, I didn't have any hineys on any of my Cricut Carts :)

  3. Great job on the school project and thanks for sharing your photo app system!

  4. Thanks for Sharing the photo ap and the adorable "all about me" tooo cute. I have added you to my network blogs on Facebook too. :)

  5. I am looking into getting a Gypsy and I need all the help I can get Thanks again....