Friday, March 19, 2010

A new cartridge and a challenge

So, I won the Sentimentals Cricut Cartridge from A.Go's Craftomonium Blog. He has created some incredible cards on his blog and somehow he has made the card he sent me smell so nice!! I have to find out his trick :)

Of course, the minute I realized my prize came in the mail today I had to open it up, link it to my G and play. I decided to use this cart for the Gypsy MB challenge this weekend. We had to use 3 different cuts and one welded cut. I used the Sentimentals cart for the desk, lamp and inside frame. I used Ashlyn's Alphabet for the "Just a note".

This was just a quick card since I don't have much time to play this weekend. Busch Gardens is opening tomorrow - we'll be there all day!!

Here's the front of the card:

Here's the inside:


  1. Lovely and congrats. Love the desk. Thanks for sharing
    I have an award for you dear at my blog

  2. NIKKKKIIIIIIII!!!! I am in the middle of doing my taxes and no, I am not going to make the deadline, lol but I took a 5 minute break, read through a thread, saw YOU but I did not know it was YOU, YOU lol because I was use to seeing the kids and not your pretty face. I did not know who you were lol!! Well, I clicked your link just to see if it was YOU and it IS YOU! lol I do not have time to look at the entire site but I wanted to leave you some blog LOVE!! Oh, the card is BEAUTIFUL! Miss having FUN with you on the MB and pretty soon, I pray, I will be able to play a little more on the board!! CONGRATS on your blog!! The folk at walmart says they love your slippers!! lol Gotta go and finish trying to make the deadline--but it won't happen! lol